Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another day in the hospital

Mom is still in the hospital. The doctor originally said that although the cancer was in her ovaries, it was not the "typical" ovarian cancer. As in, not going to spread like that, and apparently the "typical" ovarian cancer spreads quite rapidly. Today, however, dad said that they have partial results back from pathology and it is ovarian cancer. He also said that he thinks he got it all, but on Wednesday after the surgery he said that there is no way to tell if he got every cell.

Today I'm thankful for...schedules. Having a pretty good schedule means that my household keeps moving. I keep doing things, and getting tired and going to bed and getting up...every day. That being said...I'm tired. We had a nice breakfast this morning outside and ran Miles around some. After that, we took him to the park to run him around some more. Then we went to the hospital and took dad and Mamaw some food and visited mom. Then we let him play with a merry-go-round thing at the hospital. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. After nap there was more play and running. Then we all went on a walk, shower, bed for Miles, TV for Jared and I, and now...bed.

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