Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I liked about today...

Today I've read two posts about being mindfully grateful. Keeping track of what God is doing in your life.

Today is particularly hard for me. My mom is in surgery right now having a hysterectomy, and I can't be at the hospital. I'll go up there later, but probably will not see her today. Her surgery was scheduled for 2, and pushed back almost 2 full hours. That was still after the none too easy morning I had with Miles, and the nap he almost screamed through. Today I really need to be grateful!

Which brings me to "Things I liked about today..."

1) Mom is having surgery today and we'll finally know for sure that it isn't cancer (I hope).

2) I kept busy this morning (as much as possible) and the house is reasonably clean.

3) Miles did end up napping (almost an hour and a half).

4) I don't have one for this, but with mom in surgery, I still came up with 3!

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