Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today is a little harder...

It's a little harder for me to come up with things I liked about today.
Yesterday, shortly after posting my last list I left for the hospital to sit with dad while mom was in surgery. I took Miles with me. My in-laws had offered to watch him, but the timing didn't work out right and I wanted them to sit him today. I was about a block away from the hospital when my dad called. He said that the doctor had called him in the waiting room to let him know that both ovaries were cancerous. I was able to sit with my dad until her surgery was over and the surgeon came out to talk to us. I don't care to go into details (too tired today). We know nothing yet of it it has spread or what kind of cancer it is, but the surgeon took lots of samples for pathology and even a few lymph nodes.

So, things I liked about today...
1) I got to go to the hospital to see my mom, and take dad out to dinner when he wasn't allowed in ICU.
2) Dad said that the surgeon told him that even though the cancer was in the ovaries, it is not the more aggressive type of ovarian cancer.
3) My in-laws are THE BEST!!!
A) They came over to sit with Miles (giving him dinner and putting him in bed),
B) they brought a meal for me to put in my parents freezer,
C) and they want to go to the hospital to visit tomorrow when they'll be in the area.
4) All this communication with my family is...uhh...good.
5) I got Miles out to the park this morning (it was a really bad morning before that) and he ran and ran. I'm thankful because he'll sleep well tonight (I hope).

The church that posted about this "Things I Liked About Today" list isn't my church. I don't live in or near the location of the church. I just thought the project was interesting and good timing for me to be mindfully grateful. The church's goal was to have people post every day until Sunday of this week. I'm going to try to do that.

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