Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The best thing about today...

is that it's over!

What a disaster! Today was a total nightmare. I slept poorly and had a hard time waking up. Jared got up and got ready to leave for work. Miles was stirring, but not really awake yet so we left him alone. Jared pulled out of the driveway, and in less than ten minutes he was back. He said that he drove to the freeway, and it was bumper to bumper and really slow. Even the HOV lane was slow. He just decided to turn around and come home.

After a conference call this morning Miles was in the office with Jared and managed to put a huge scratch in one of the flat panel monitors. Super upsetting! He knows better than to touch them too. This afternoon he accidentally scratched the tank on Jared's motorcycle.

All day he was testing his boundaries. If you would tell him no more of something he would say just a little more? It was so aggravating! The day ended with kicking and screaming and was punctuated throughout with the same.

Along the lines of "if you have nothing nice to say..." I'll stop talking now. Where is my glass of red wine?

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