Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Day Yesterday

I guess we are all beginning to feel better (although don't ask before the morning decongestant)! For some reason we took a lot of pictures yesterday, so here is a post of our day in photo form....

Miles helping to make breakfast.

Our breakfast. Yes, I know it isn't on the diet...don't look at what we ate for dinner!

Miles pretending to be asleep. This was taken mid snore!

We decided everyone needed to get out and it was warm enough to go to the park.

Here I am pushing Miles on the swing.

Jared thought it was fun to slide on his back head first...Here Miles came down right after him and they crashed.

This was how we found Miles after nap time. His crib does not go on that wall. He moved it overe there and got a book off of the shelf to "read" during nap!

After nap there wasn't much. We got up and headed over to mom and dad's house. They'd invited us over for chili the day before. We hung out there, played The Settlers of Catan until too late and came home!

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