Friday, January 1, 2010


I've given just a bit of thought to goals for 2010. So far I've really only come up with general areas in which I'd like to set a goal. Here are my thoughts...
* Meal Planning Goal
Continue meal planning - occasionally cook for the freezer
* Weight Loss
I have a goal for 15lbs in the first 3 months of the year. I need a plan.
* Cleaning Goal
Nothing specific here. I've done a very good job with the house over the past two or three weeks. I need to keep it up and probably set up a schedule or something.
* Daily Bible Study
Nuff said! I would like to read the whole Bible this year.
* Stop Biting Nails
I did a great job with this during this summer. I got a manicure with mom for her birthday, and didn't bite for about 6 weeks. I think after that I needed another manicure becauce I was getting hang nails etc. I'd like to grow just enough nail to not be embarassed about a manicure, then try keeping it up every 5 or so weeks for a few months to see how I do. I'd love to be rid of this one this year!
* Work Goal
I've started working again. It's going well, but I need to set up some child care for about one day a week. I want a goal in this area for hours to work/balancing time with Miles. I don't want to give up any of the good stuff with him, and I'd like to use the time away to come back refreshed if a little more tired. :)
* Picture Goal
I'm not sure what this one will look like. Before I've wanted to take a picture either every day or every day that Jared had to travel. I recently found the 52 weeks challenge. I'll have to think about this one. Right now I'm thinking I want to take pictures of most of the projects that Miles and I do, and have a picture of me every week for the challenge.
* Gardening Goal
Last year I resolved to make a garden. With Jared's help this one was done in fabulous style and in time for the summer garden. This year it's going to be about not missing a gardening season and using what I grow. Our winter garden is doing great.
* Budgeting Goal
We are working on setting up a budget in a few areas. We will have to both determine a budget amount, and then stick to it!
* Sewing Goal
I'm not sure what all will be here. I did no work on Miles' baby blanket last year. I took the quilting class and really enjoyed it. I have done a lot of the hand quilting for this, and would like to finish it. I may have the border done by machine. I'm also considering taking another class. I'd like to make some gifts by hand this year. This will need some refining.
* Organizational Goal
Simplify my space (I.E. have a closet with some space in it)


Courtney said...

much of your goals like mine! I love making goals and the fresh start of a new year! Good luck with your goals!!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh, I hear you on the sewing, organizing, Bible, and cooking for the freezer. These are all things that are on my goal list too (if I had such a thing... if I were more organized, tee hee). I also really like the idea of a picture a day, but that just isn't going to happen. I will definitely work towards a photo a week for the year, not including things I simply take pictures of for the blog! Thanks for the inspiration!!