Saturday, January 2, 2010

What have we been up to?

Here is a December month in format.

My dad bought his own Christmas present early in the month. A Traxxas remote control car.

It is super fun to drive!

We always have a get together on St. Nicholas day. From his first December I told the grandparents that they didn't need to get Miles anything for St. Nicholas day, but if they did decide to we didn't want anything more than books. This year for St. Nicholas day we surprised both sets of grandparents a photo book of Miles' first two years. It was great fun to make, and even more fun to give!

Of course I didn't get any pictures of Miles opening his books. Jared and I gave him a compilation of Little Bear stories, and one called "Santa's Favorite Story." One set of grandparents gave him a book about St. Nicholas' life, and the other set gave him Growl Tiger!

We got our tree up, then wrapped presents.

We had some weather which didn't permit outside play, so we made do.

We also managed to make it outside some in little better weather.

I asked Jared and my dad about setting up a different
camera solution for Christmas morning, and they got right to work with a little help from Nicholas.

It didn't end up working out, but we are looking forward to using it on another get together.

Jared's mother's birthday is Christmas eve, so we always have a little family thing that day.

We have Christmas morning at our house.

Here is grandpa and Miles having quiet time before bed.

Fun the morning after Christmas.

Miles napping .

Nana and Grandpa took him to see a train exhibit on the thirty-first.

That and a couple of crafts pretty much sums up the whole month. We had fun, but it was busy. I also started working this month. What a blessing. Jared's mother had just offered to take Miles on Monday mornings when this opportunity opened up. For a couple of months I'll be able to keep it at one day a week. After that I'll have to work out care for him another day a week too, but that time will come.

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