Monday, August 30, 2010

August/September Goals

August is ending and September beginning. The weather is beginning to cool too (thank goodness). It's time to review monthly goals!

Here is what I had for August:
Personal Goal: Bible Study daily. I'd like to pick up where I left off on the gospels.
My Bible study was a bit hit or miss. I did begin again. I also decided to bring up reading through Mark as a family on vacation. We got a bit more than half way though and...well, you know how family vacations are. After about a week him I continued it. Doing good!
Fun Goal -Camping vacation.
Well that one was easy! We'd already planed the trip before the month began. We went, and had fun.
Learning Goal -We are going to work on potty training, but that is likely not to be finished. We won't work on it until we are back from the trip. I think we'll work hard on letters this month.
This is coming along. We did several letter activities on the trip. He is really more interested in letters now than he has been. He's doing pretty well with capitols, but we haven't worked on lower case. We also started potty training. *sigh*
Resolution Goal -I'm going to have to figure out where we are, but I want to work on the Christmas goals. I don't think I'll have time for this with going out of town. Perhaps we'll work on the nail biting.
I'm doing well on my resolutions goal! I stopped biting my nails on the trip. It took a week after we got back to get in for a manicure, but my nails are looking good now! I just have to make it to get a "refresh" in a week or so.

Now for September goals.:
Personal Goal: I'm going to work on the Bible study again. I'll combine this with the nails. That will give me a good 6 weeks with no biting.
Fun Goal: I'm thinking we'll try roller skating this month. We are also going to go to each of the museums we have memberships with as well.
Teaching Goal: Potty training! Yikes! We began last week, but that is what we are learning this month. I'll also continue with the letters.
Resolutions Goal: I think I'll pick back up on my sampler quilt. No reason to drag that project into next year!

How about you? Do you have any resolutions you are just beginning to remember? Do you have a goal for the month?

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