Monday, August 30, 2010

Potty Training: Day 5

Saturday there were plenty of accidents. Nothing remarkable other than trying to poop in the back yard. Sunday morning I woke up and felt very little stress about the potty training thing. He had a couple of accidents in the morning, and it didn't really get under my skin. I knew we'd get there. Then *presto* he tells me he needs to go, we rush to the potty, and he did it! Three times! There was an accident in the middle somewhere, and I think one after that too. It didn't matter...he'd done it. After that I realized that part of the stress was that I was afraid he wouldn't go on the potty for me, then I'd take him to Jared's parents house and he wouldn't have a single accident. Well he finally went for me and the stress was off. This morning he did it again. Then I took him over, and he had an accident and then peed in the front yard. When I got over there to pick him up I took him to poop in the potty and that was it. I know it can't all be downhill from here, but I do think the hard part was the first 3 or so days.

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