Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Resolutions Revisited

In my last post I said that I wanted to look at my resolutions again and see how I was doing...Here it is!
(I haven't looked at these in months! Current progress is in blue)

* Meal Planning Goal - I already do well with this, but I'm not ready to drop it from my goals yet.
~Meal plan for each week.-Doing great.
~Plan a vegetarian meal once a week.-Doing ok here. It's rather unintentional, but it happens.
~Plan for leftovers.-I've really gotten back in the swing of this one. No problem.
~Cook once every 2-3 months for the freezer.-I don't do this at all - need to work on it.
* Weight Loss Goal
~Plan healthy meals and snacks. We eat healthy, but I don't plan snacks. I need to.
~Weekly weigh ins.-I'm weighing in almost daily.
~Weekly photo of progress (at least until goal is reached).-Not happening. I did for a while, but talk about depressing.
~I have a goal for 15lbs in the first 3 months of the year.-I've lost about 6 pounds this summer. Nothing before that really.
~I think once I hit the 15lb goal I'll have 5 more to go, but I'll re-evaluate.
* Cleaning Goal
~Help Miles pick up toys every night before bath/bed.-We are doing this every couple of days instead. He's doing really well.
~Give Miles chores (put away jacket, clear place after meal, unload his cups from dishwasher).-I'm still inconsistent on this. I need to work on it.
~Keep floors clean (swept & mopped) - I do this pretty well, but needed it in writing.-Still doing ok. Not great, but ok.
~Keep horizontal surfaces cleaned off. - Jared has a tendency to move things from Miles and put them...wherever. This makes it hard, but how nice to have a home where you are never worried about opening the door.-This will need work for a very very long time.
~Schedule? Monday/Thursday laundry Tuesday floors Wednesday work Friday pickup for weekend? - Six lists?-Nothing here. I had one up and running for a while, but then I upped the days I was working.
* Bible Study Goal
~Have a daily Bible study.-I did well with this for a while. I need to get back to it.
~Read the Bible in a year - after having trouble getting started I've decided to begin with the minor prophets.-Nope. I did the gospels daily for a while, but not anymore.
* Stop Biting Nails

~Paint Nails.-I need to work on this more. They are really bad right now.
~Stop biting for a week or two.
~Grow enough nail to get manicure without embarrassment.
~Get manicure.
~Maintain manicure every 4-5 weeks.
* Work Goal
~Set up childcare for Monday and Wednesdays.-Done
~Think of this as time to do something different but less important than my "full-time job."-My boss commented the other day that she thinks I still identify myself as a full time mom. I told her I really like my job but for now I do.
* Picture Goal
~Complete 52 of 52 challenge.-Nope.
~Try to take pictures of Miles at least three times a week.-I'm probably doing this but haven't used this as a yard stick like I should have.
~Take Mother's & Father's day pictures this year!-Mother's day - check - Father's day - nope.
* Gardening Goal
~Use garden for each gardening season of the year.-So far so good. I have a small fall garden already planted.
~Use items grown in the garden for food and gifts.-Done.
~Make home made jalapeno jelly for gifts!-Not yet, but we'll see.
* Budgeting Goal
~Jared and I still need to sit down and work on this one! I think we are going to make a full budget soon. We are dragging our feet.-Still dragging our feet.
* Sewing Goal
~Finish quilt sampler.-Nope. No progress here!
~Take another quilting class?-I'd like to get back into this but I want identifiable progress in the other quilt first.
~Finish Miles' baby blanket (now that he's no longer a baby).-Haven't touched it.
*Christmas Goals
~Hand make at least 5 Christmas gifts this year.-Haven't started.
~Work on one every other month.-Nope.
~Keep running Christmas gift list all year.-Not really.
~Try to have complete list by early/mid October.-I wish!
~Buy 3 stocking stuffers a month (16 stockings to stuff).-Nope. I really really need to do this one! I have 16 stockings to stuff!
~Create Thanksgiving Tree/Jessee Tree.-I haven't started this, but I still have time.
~Complete Advent activities.-Same here. Haven't started, but I have time.
* Organizational Goal
~Simplify my space (I.E. have a closet with some space in it).-I've cleaned out my closet. I need to clean the bookshelves too.
~Work on closets this year - I'd like to have a place for everything. Everything may not always be in it's place, but at least it will have one!-Still working on this.

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