Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mid Feb

It is February 13. The day before Valentine's Day. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We never have. I usually give Jared a card, and this year I got one for Miles too. He's going to a Valentine's Day party at Mother's Day Out tomorrow. I'm sure he'll love that!

Mostly I've been reading and prepping for Miles' birthday party. The party was Friday evening. It was lots of fun, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately my dad has pretty much all the pictures that we took. I'll post some later.

I need to get to work on my Daring Baker challenge. It is due on the 27th. I still haven't printed off the whole recipe to even look at all the ingredients at once! I did make part of the recipe already. Actually I made it on the first, the day the challenge was announced. We had a snow day here, and I happened to have all the ingredients at home. It worked pretty well. I'll tell you more on the 27th!

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