Monday, February 14, 2011


What photos do you have of your child's milestones?
Miles' 4th birthday was last Thursday. We gave him his gift in the morning. We had a slow one and it just seemed right. I told Jared we had to clean the game room before we could give it to him...Here I am picking it up.
Here is Miles just after opening it. It is a Playmobile castle. He really liked it.
Here he is playing. We'd had snow for several days before his birthday. We had his well child check up scheduled, but they changed the date because of snow. It ended up scheduled on his birthday. How did that go?
Here he is the next morning. Poor kiddo. We don't do more than 2 shots at a time. This is the next morning, and he hadn't taken a step all day. If he couldn't convince someone to carry him, he crawled where he needed to go. The day after his birthday also happened to be his party.

This is the food we had for the party. The party was at the airplane museum at a local airport. I thing everyone had fun. Several people didn't come even though they sent RSVPs.
This is Miles, his aunt and some kid that was obsessed with this ride. I can't complain, some other mom has the same pictures with her girl and Miles climbing on.
This is the only picture I have of Miles with a party guest. This is my boss' daughter. She is a sweetie!
This is the next day. The neighbor's girl playing with the gift they gave Miles. He loves it and she does too. They are cute together, and this was too funny.

Those are all the pictures I took over the 3 day period represented. My dad has some, but I didn't take any more. Tell me you do a better job documenting your child's milestones.

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