Monday, January 30, 2012

Goal Check In

Here is a review of this year's goals and where I am...

*Weight Loss:
~I will lose 10lbs in the first 3 months of 2012
I haven't lost any weight really, but haven't gained any either. I'll call it even!
I will do this by:
Eating strictly Plaeo for the month of January
Planning paleo snacks
Completing the 100 pushup program
Working out at least 3x a week after the program
We haven't been strict paleo, but better than the last few months. I did a couple of days of the pushups, but stopped. I need to get back to it. I have played around with workouts, but no program yet.
* Cleaning Goal
~I will keep a cleaner home
I will do this by:
Helping Miles pick up toys every night before bath/bed.
Giving Miles chores and stick to them
Sticking to a cleaning schedule
Keeping floors clean (swept & mopped) - I've done really well with this in the past, but not so much recently
We are getting pretty good at having Miles pick up, but I am not on a cleaning schedule.
How nice to have a home where you are never worried about opening the door.
* Picture Goal
~I will take more photos this year
I will do this by
Complete 52 of 52 challenge.
Try to take pictures of Miles at least three times a week.
Take Mother's & Father's day pictures this year!
I didn't find a 52 of 52 this year. Sad! I am taking more pictures though. Also, Miles is asking me to take pictures of him too. That is fun!
* Bible Study Goal
~I will have a daily Bible study and I will read the Bible in a year.
I have a Bible in a year program set up, but I'm behind. I'll catch up though.
*Christmas Goals
~I will have a low stress Christmas this year.
I have 3 stocking stuffers! Yay!
I will accomplish this by:
Hand making at least 5 Christmas gifts this year. I will work on one every other month.
Trying to have complete list by early/mid October.
Buying 3 stocking stuffers a month (15 stockings to stuff).
Completing Advent activities.
*Family Goal
~I will go on a field trip with Nicholas each month this year (and take plenty of pictures helping my photo goal).
We have gone to the zoo, the Kimbell (a bit of a trip), the airplane museum, and his first Dallas Stars game. I think at least one of those qualifies!

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