Monday, January 9, 2012

How we have been spending time...

We have done a few things recently where we haven't taken photos. I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about them quickly so they aren't forgotten.

On Saturday we went to an afternoon Dallas Stars game. It was great. We got the opportunity to take Miles to his first game, and sit in box seats and have platinum parking all for free (thanks Randy)! It was so great! We all really enjoyed it, especially Miles. He loved every moment of it, and started asking about 5 minutes in if we were going to win and what was the name of the bad guys again? At the beginning of the third period the score was tied 1-1. By the end of the game the Stars had won 4-1. It was great, and Miles was so glad they had won.

On Sunday it looked like we were going to be very busy. It was going to be church, then quick lunch and off to Jared's parents to help them install a water heater which everyone assumed would take all afternoon until Miles' bed time. Instead the in-laws decided to do something else and put off the water heater install. At the last moment we decided to run out to view the last day of the Caravaggio exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum. It was incredible! They only had 10 Caravaggio pieces there, however, with only 75 remaining that is a pretty good ratio. They also had about 40 pieces by followers of his in Rome. The art was great, and it was laid out really well. You didn't have to stick with the same crowd and file through. They also had several pieces which were inspired by another piece there, or two pieces echoing another piece by Caravaggio. These would all be hung in the same area where you could see them at the same time. It was so cool to compare how different artists view/think about things.

Today I took Miles to gymnastics, then we picked up his Uncle Erich and took him to a dental surgery center. Aren't you glad I didn't post a picture. He was having all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed. Ouch! They asked that a family member wait during the surgery. It didn't go too well, and ended up taking 2x their time estimate. Then he was a mess after. They said that he wouldn't go under, and gave him way more meds than they usually do. More than enough for 4 guys, and he fought them in the surgery. Gah! I took him back to his place to get his dog (in case he needed to stay the night somewhere) and took him to his parents. We were supposed to work on the water heater, but didn't. Doris & I spent all of our time taking care of Erich and getting his prescriptions filled. She and I did share a really good bottle of wine and a bit of brie cheese. That was nice. It was a long day though!

Dallas Stars logo curtsey of &
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