Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Camera and other stuff

Yesterday we got up early to get haircuts, then we had breakfast at a great little cafe.  Then we went over to a camera shop and I got a new camera!  I picked it out myself, and I'm a little proud.  Even though until now we have been a cannon family, I picked a Sony NEX 5N.  I have a few good photos, but nothing great yet.  Soon I promise!  This really looks like a great camera, I'm so excited!

Today we went to mom and dad's house.  They asked for help moving their good mattress into the new trailer; which we got accomplished.  They take off on Friday for the summer.  They had wanted to leave on Wednesday, but dad didn't think they would have it together until Thursday.  They wanted to take Anita & I out to dinner for our birthdays.  We chose La Hacienda Ranch on my birthday.

So far reading is going great this summer (keeping in mind that the summer is only 2 weeks old at this point).  We are reading for 20 minutes almost every day except Sundays.  Of course I'm still reading to Miles every day at least 20 minutes at bed time too.  I'm loving it.  I can really see progress in his abilities.  He's doing great, and we just borrowed some readers from Doris.  I'm hopeful that those will give him more confidence too (mine are a little too hard).  Math and writing are not going quite as well, but we will work on it.

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