Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I guess I could have called this Whole No More.  I got to 15 days on Whole 30, then I slowly started adding in other stuff.  As of late, I've added in junk too.  I'm starting working out again (yesterday).

Miles and I made a list of stuff to do this summer.  Want to come along on our journey?
Well, I lost my camera, so you can't!  Just kidding, I'll have a new one soon.  Here is our list for the summer. 

Summer Wish List
A: Art Project, Ants, Adventure Journal B: Botanical Garden, Build a Fort, Biography, Bubbles! C: Cook Brownies, Camping, Color Hunt D: Diet Coke & Mentos, Dining Room Airplane E: Eat from the Garden, Engraving – Bureau of F: Fire Museum, Fly Kite, Float or Sink Game G: Geocaching, Garden Stepping Stones H: Hunt Bugs, Hopscotch I: Ice Cream Making, Ice Cube Boats J: Journey by Train K: Kayak, Kickball L: Library, Lowes Project, Laundry Basket Toss M: Movie with Mom, Magazine Mosaics N: Nature Rubbing, Nature Museum O: Obstacle Course Olympics P: Pet Rocks, Pajama Day, Poem Time, Paper Doll String Q: Quest Scavenger Hunt R: Roller Skate, Reading Program S: Swimming, Sprinkler Play, Scoot around the Block T: Target Practice With Water Balloons, Toy Car Wash, Trains (Children’s Med Center) U: Under the Table Fort V: Volunteer @ Missions Car Wash, Vacation W: Wind Chime, Water Balloon Catch x: Xperiments Science, X Marks the Spot Y: Yard Popcorn Fight Z: Zoo

Miles insisted that I add Legos to the list.  We have our list in a pretty frame on the kitchen counter that my sister gave us.  We are just crossing things out on the glass.  So far we have crossed off Botanic Garden, but just today we built a pretty rocking fort.  Miles wants to do it again tomorrow, so we will cross it off then.

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