Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ferber Anyone?

We have been scraping by in the sleep department recently. But just barely. I have been trying to nurse him to sleep for both naps and bed time. If he doesn't fall asleep, one of us will put him in the sling and bounce him to sleep on the yoga ball. It isn't pretty but it has been working. Last week he would even sleep the 5 hours in a stretch that makes up the elusive "sleeping through the night." After that he will wake a time or two before 4. I'll rub his back and he'll fall asleep within 5 min. Recently that stopped. Tonight we can't even get him to sleep. We have sleep trained him before and it has worked out well. We have half heartedly tried it in the last week or so too. Now he will just stand in his crib and scream. It is heart wrenching. Tonight when we were unable to get him to fall asleep with our regular methods, we ran out of ideas. Right now he is standing up in his crib and screaming. I go in every few minutes and lay him down, rub his back for a bit and leave. This seems to make him more angry though.

This stinks. I'm going to go look at all of the pictures I have of him sleeping and pretend he's doing it now. I hope someone out there is sleeping now.


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