Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Haircut & Valentine's Dinner

We finally did it today. I have been wanting to get Miles' hair cut for well over a month now, and today we did it!



As you can tell, it really needed to be done and now it looks cute!

Jared and I went out for Valentine's Day dinner tonight too (yeah we are behind on all things). Actually it wasn't for Valentine's Day so much as it was out. The moving company just didn't show up one of the packing days and to make it up to us they said they would buy us dinner. Jared's parents told us that they would watch Miles for us if we wanted to go out (the offer started as going out the weekend after Valentine's Day). Well between the move and Miles being sick last month, we just did it today. It was great. We had a very nice time. It was strange to miss our boy, he is usually so close! We called before we went into the restaurant, and he was doing fine. We also called on the way back before a stop we had planned to make and we was still great! What more can you ask for. We are so grateful to have parents that want to spend time with our son and want us to be able to spend time on our own too!

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