Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Miles has really been coming into his own recently. He has been very clingy and whiny but he is growing up! He will see us doing things and he wants to mimic them. If I am working with a tool he can hardly contain himself until I finish or set it down, then he will pick it up and try to do what I was doing too. He has always been interested in how things work. When he sees a toy he will almost always turn it over to inspect the bottom within the first 3 minutes. He likes cars and anything with wheels.

The other day I was in the kitchen making breakfast and unloading the dishwasher. The box of pancake mix dropped from the cabinet and I left it there (yeah, I'm a good housekeeper). Miles saw it and started to look in it and pull out the bag of mix that was inside. I took that away from him, but as he was already a little powdery I let him play with the box and the bit of powder mix left in the bottom. Well, it's not in the bottom of the box anymore.

We have been wanting to do some gardening this year. Well, with all that we are doing to the house and moving in and organizing and raising a one year old, we didn't have time to prep the ground for the garden. I had already told Jared that I wanted to start small this year. I really am not good at growing things, so I really didn't want to be overwhelmed by trying to grow everything under the sun. Then I would have to keep track of when to harvest everything, weeding some huge garden etc. We decided that this year we would start in pots. While I was filling the pots with dirt Miles was there to help. At first he would just touch the dirt, but after a bit he really got into it and ended up taking handfuls of dirt and putting them into the pots like I was doing. He was however offended that I would not let him play with the plants and try to pull off their leaves. He only tried to eat the dirt once too!

Here he is helping by mixing up the labels so that I will have no idea which plants are where.

Here are my little plants all reaching up to grab some sun (well, today all they are getting is rain, but that's good too).

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