Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Saturday morning, Miles is taking his morning nap, Jared if off for the day, I have been up since before 5, and I have gotten NOTHING done. Jared left at 6, and I have been spending my time trying to stay awake and keep my groggy eyes on Miles. Blah. I have been waiting and waiting for today to come. Jared participated in a three gun competition about twice a year. This year he has been obsessing over it. I think it is because when we were in San Francisco it was hard for him to get out and pratice. Also this year he invited a friend, his father, his brother, and my father. He was trying to get in pratice for himself, and make sure they were able to pratice too. He has said that when this is over, he is taking a bit of a break though. I can't wait. I have to come up with something to do to get out of the house and have Jared watch Miles. It is his turn now.

Last Sunday we went to look at boats and tried out dad's new boat. Because Jared's birthday is this Tuesday and he has the competition this weekend, he took off last Wednesday through this Tuesday. On Wednesday we got out and got a boat. The weather was less than ideal but we decided to get out and try out the new boat anyway. Lets just say that trip was short, possibly less than well advised, but fun. Thursday Jared and his dad went out to pratice for the competition this weekend. When he got back my parents called and asked if we wanted to take the boats out. Out we went, and we had fun. We were only out for a while but we got a bit of a late start for Miles.

When we bought the boat the store only had one of the paddles that we wanted. So, on Friday we finally found another and went out to get one. Of course after we had the other paddle we had to get out and try it again! It was much better having two paddles in the tandem (duh!). We went about 2.5 miles this time and really enjoyed it. Miles hangs out in the back cockpit with Jared. He really enjoys watching the ducks and dipping his hand in the water.

Tomorrow is mother's day and my father-in-law's birthday. Two days later it is Jared's birthday. Every year we do a family get together. This year we are having it here (I should be cleaning now). After we will all head over to the lake that is about 4 miles south of our place and take both of my parents boats as well as ours and have a little lake day. I think it'll be fun.

Sorry there are no pictures of the boat or Miles in the boat. We have been doing pretty wuick trips so far. Hopefully I will have some good ones after the weekend!

Hope you have a good one!

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