Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Upcoming Activities

Last night we tried something different with Miles' bedtime. We are working on changing his routine to something easier for us, and hoping that it will bleed over to making nap time much easier! When he was much smaller we breastfed and that was always the easiest way to get him to sleep. Then as babies do, he stopped falling asleep that way. We found that another way to get him to sleep was to put him in our sling, and bounce him on the yoga ball. This is like rocking him to sleep, but it was much faster. Anyway, we are very ready to move on to another way of getting him to sleep. He has been ready at night, but I have resisted the change in large part because I still have to bounce him during nap time and that takes longer. Tonight we did our normal routine except when it came time to bounce, we hugged him, told him we loved him and put him down. He cried for less than 5 minutes. Hopefully this will cure both bed time and nap time pains!

This is so like me. I want to get involved in the Holiday Grand Plan, but all I can think about is that I'm a week late and I don't have the forms printed. Of course I want them printed in color and not boooooring black and white. If I printed them in boring black and white, I could probably have printed them by now. Maybe not though as I ran the printer out of ink the other day and haven't purchased more. Anyway, I have gotten a bit done.

I'm wanting to get a lot done because there is a lot coming up! We are going to Mexico in two and a half weeks. I'm so excited. A dear friend is getting married there and I can not wait. She was at our wedding and loves our son. She is marrying the greatest guy! She totally deserves that too. We'll be there for three nights.

About a week after we return, my sister and her two children will be coming! They will be here for a week, and have about three weeks worth of activities planned. She wants to visit the grandparents who live about 2 hours south of here. She wants to go to
The State Fair of Texas
. I haven't been in a long time, so I'm very excited that we can go together. If you are close, you should go too. It is a lot of fun. I've never paid too much attention to children's activities, but it looks like they have a
. They have "Little Hands on the Farm" where kids get to see what happens on a farm. They even get to gather crops and sell them for fake money and buy things at a market. A "Pee Wee Stampede" where kids get to try to rope a bale of hay and ride a stick horse. Pig races, birds, a carousel, and of course the Ferris Wheel!

She also wants to drive to New Mexico and go to the
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
. I'm also very excited about this! We went together with our parents when we were little, and it was so much fun. My dad is very much an early morning person and so we got to the fair grounds well before the morning mass ascension. We got to see them filling the balloons and the balloons laying all over the ground being prepaired. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going again. However, it is roughly a 650 mile drive and about 10 hours one way. With two babies? Is my sister crazy? At least we'll have so many people we'll have to have 2 cars, so one baby in each car I guess!

All this comes together to make it 1) a bad time for sleep training, and, 2) a bad time to watch my weight. It wouldn't be any fun if it was a good time, now would it?

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