Monday, February 2, 2009

One day down...

I'm so glad it's February! I've been crazy busy working, but the major deadline has passed. Yay! Now it's just the cleanup, follow up. In fact I was so busy that I missed the date for our first playgroup. (oops) Yeah, I was almost done working on one part and told myself it was the next day. We drove over to the house it was being held at, and I'm thinking "it should have started about 5 minutes ago, there are no cars, and the shutters are closed." I even had it right in my day planner.

I feel a little bad that I'm so glad that it's February. Jared had to leave town on a business trip! Yikes! He left on Sunday night, and he'll be back Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Yeah, I know. He was going to come home on Friday, but accidentally got the tickets for Saturday. Now that he has to switch them anyway, he's going to try to come back on Thursday night (late). So, one day down, somewhere between three and five to go! The day before he left, he told me that his boss wants him to take a training class. For three weeks... In Seattle. Hmm.

We have activities planned for every day. That way Miles and I have the option to get out of the house every day if we need it. Today was going over to Jared's parents house. They love Miles and love spending time with him. If too much time goes by they call and say that they need their fix. It's really cute. The day was fun and not very stressful.

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