Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Exhausted!

I got up this morning and first thing I did my workout! Yay me! I'm hoping to lose some serious weight sooner or later, but I'd better not first admit that Jared is on his way with a pizza. Oops!
Today was the big canning day. I called my neighbor first thing this morning, and her phone went straight to voice mail. I called her when Doris got here, and it went to voice mail right away again. We weren't planning on starting until one, but Doris wanted to start early because she'd have to leave at 4:00. It's a god thing we did because we didn't even get all the berries processed. I called the neighbor again at one, and still went right to voice mail. I hope everything is ok with her. When I was buying jars, I decided to buy enough in case the neighbor had purchased the wrong thing. So, between Doris and I we bought all the berries hoping to be paid back for some, and enough jars to process all of them hoping that we'd be able to take some back if the neighbor bought the right kind. It turned out to be a good thing, otherwise we would have run out of jars way before berries! As it is, we have 75 jars of jam and pie filling, 4 flats of jars, and a bunch of berries left over that we split up.

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