Monday, September 14, 2009

Fantastically Wet Morning

It's been raining since at least last Friday and off and on for about a week before that. Jared was off all last week which was very nice, but we knew it would be a little rough getting everyone back in the swing of things. This morning Jared is finally ready for work, and heads out to the car. He asks me if it smells. I did think it smelled a bit, and he decided that a drain under the hood must be plugged. He said that it happens sometimes and in this particular car it can overflow and leak on the transmission computer. This, of course, fries the computer. So, he pulls some stuff under the hood (stuff I believe is the technical word for it) then pulls the battery! He looks at the drain and it is clear. He's also parked uphill, so pulling the drain wouldn't help anyway. We take a second look at the car and realize that a water bottle had been left in the car on it's side and leaked. Well, at this point, he's about 40 minutes late to leave for work, and the battery is out of the car.

Miles playing in light rain with bubbles a week ago.

I told him that he could take my car so that he could leave and we'd vacuum the car tonight. He agreed, and I pulled the car seat so that I could do something today if someone was willing to drive. I called mom, but her car is full of flooring that they are having put in this week. Now, we are here, no chance of getting out, and Miles is a little stir crazy. We are watching Veggie Tales at 10 in the morning, and I'm not sure what we will do next. I hope today goes quickly!

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Sharon said...

Oh Golly! I've had those days too. When everything you touch gets that much more complicated. Hang in there.

Love, Love, Love the Bay Area. We lived in Chico for a while and miss the west coast!