Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 6

So far the Whole30 has been going great. I've really been doing well and making really good food decisions. Yesterday I was chatting with a more experienced friend and she suggested I might not be getting enough fat. In an effort to work on this I added some butter while cooking my eggs this morning. While eating them I was meal planning and looking at food sites focused on Whole30. One of the sites mentioned using ghee. That was when it hit me. I'm not supposed to have dairy! I'd basically finished the eggs already. Doh! So, then after a very long day, Jared came home and said he wanted to go out to dinner. We were splitting a burger salad (which was fantastic!) and my favorite slaw. Oh yeah! The slaw has blue cheese! Darn. I did it again. Twice in one day. Bah. I'll try again tomorrow.

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