Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Miles was a little unsure what Spring Break was before it came, but I think he's a big fan now! The week started slowly because, being tax season, I still had to work. On Monday I worked most of my hours and Jared had Miles. On Tuesday I had him so that Jared could run out to the airport to work on a project there. It also happens that Tuesday while I was at work a huge storm hit. We had several tornadoes here in the area, huge hail, and a general mess of a storm. Although I'd fit in all the hours I needed for the week, I stayed to finish up some projects because I didn't want to get us out in the storm even for the short trip back home. Wednesday we packed up the car and headed out about 1:00 for Glen Rose!

We found an interesting little place to camp. While we had a nice trip, we will NEVER camp at that location again! The first night we learned that there are 7 flood lights that shine into the area. ALL NIGHT LONG! Yeah, that didn't help in a tent. Also, there was some problem with their septic tank overnight, and an alarm went off. Continuously. For over 5 minutes. Yeah. Anyway, sleeping problems aside, we had a great trip! The day we arrived, we set up camp, went to the grocery store, and just relaxed. The next morning, we packed up and went to Dinosaur Valley National Park. Miles loved it! He got to see real dinosaur foot prints. In order to see the foot prints, you have to cross a river. It was fairly fast flowing, but not too deep. We opted to carry Miles across, then let him play in the water after a little hike in an area that was not so fast flowing. Above is the picture of the river where we crossed, and below is one of Miles playing in the water. He ended up soaked! We were trying to get him to keep his clothes relatively dry. That didn't work at all! He ended up in the back of the car wearing just one of his dad's shirts! He had tons of fun. After that and a picnic lunch we met up with my parents and explored the area. Yes, in part we were looking for better camping options for the future! The area was simply beautiful! We've had quite a rainy season and that has led to one of the best blue bonnet seasons. They are incredible this year. Simply huge fields full of them.

The next day we went to a drive through animal park. Unfortunantly my camera battery died about half way through. Mom's camera battery was also low (and died right at the end) so we were a bit selective about taking pictures and she has the pics from the last half of the trip. :( It was super fun and a nice long tour around beautiful winding roads. The animals were able to come right up to the car, and could even eat right from your hand if they wanted! It was really cool and Miles loved it! The longest line was to view the giraffes. People loved trying to feed them. They were very selective in who they allowed to feed them, and how much they would eat. We had lots of fun, and I'll try to post more pictures and some stories probably next week... Right now, I feel a little like this...

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