Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whole again

Whole30 that is. Had a great day and worked out too!

This morning at church we found a tick on Miles' ear. Behind his right ear, there it was. It had bit in and everything. Right in the middle of church. Jared and I grabbed him and dashed into the kitchen. Jared went for the tick nippers, and I grabbed Doris to help me find a zip lock bag. We go it out no problem and popped it in the bag still alive. It looks like it is an American Dog Tick. We can't figure out if they carry Lyme Disease. For now we are just watching.

Thursday we went to the aquarium store after school and bought 2 ghost shrimp and 2 platys. I love them and the aquarium looks so much nicer now! Friday night we saw a little tiny baby fish! Jared and I were watching it and debating about if we should take it out of the tank. All of the sudden our beta swam by more baby fish. :( I went to bed feeling terrible. Saturday night, another baby! First thing we did was take the beta out of the tank, then get the little guy out into his own area. We stopped by the fish store today after church and chatted about the little guy. As it turns out, both of the platys we bought were female. We bought a nursery holder thing and put him in it. We also added the one that we thought was having the babies (although neither looks pregnant) just in case. If she has no more babies by tomorrow morning we'll get her out of there. Baby seems to be doing great!

Shortly before dinner, Jared asked if I wanted to go look at doors for the bathroom at Lowes. I didn't but agreed. We found a beautiful 5 panel door and bought it. There is also a bifold, so we are thinking about replacing that one as well!

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