Monday, March 24, 2008

First steps!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! I did. Only in part to the fact that Miles took his first steps! They were little, and only a few but he did it. He is still not standing on his own regularly, but can. Usually when he notices that he is standing on his own he will sit down.

My parents, Jared's parents, and his sister came over for Easter dinner. Near the end of their visit (and past when Miles should have been in bed) we sat on the floor and had him walk from one to the other. We would all burst out in applause when he would walk. He loves praise and loved all the attention. He was pretty quick to get the hang of when he would receive it! He was so cute. At the end I asked my dad to get some pictures of him walking between Jared and I. He snapped some pics, but never when he was walking on his own. Here are a coupe of those photos.

We finally bought the grill that Jared was wanting way back
here. That is why we had Easter here even though we are not completely unpacked yet. We were coking a brisket, but the fire went out over night and wasn't ready in time. We ended up making pizza on the grill. Cool huh? Wood fired pizza on a grill. It was great although not a traditional Easter meal.

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